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Arizona Civil Rights Restoration

Restoration of your rights is important to regain many important benefits, including social security, educational assistance, child custody, state employment, the ability to serve in the military, your right to vote, and your right to serve a jury among many others. In some cases, your ability to obtain certain business and professional licenses will also be affected.

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Post-conviction Relief in Arizona

Post-conviction relief in Arizona are legal options where defendants can try to get their criminal convictions vacated, sentences reduced, or restoration of civil rights. There are often short time constraints to pursuing post-conviction relief, so defendants are advised to talk to their attorneys as soon as possible to discuss the best path forward.

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Arizona Civil Rights Restoration Service- What You Can Expect

The typical Civil Rights Restoration case in Arizona takes approximately 3 to 4 months. We will work as quickly as possible, but the courts function on a first-come, first-served basis, and therefore the faster you start the process, the faster your civil rights can be re-established.


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The flat fee we charge includes all costs associated with filing for the restoration. We will conduct any research necessary, file the motion with the court, reply to oral or written opposition from the prosecution, and have one of our top licensed attorneys go to court to argue your case in front of the judge. We are experienced in Arizona courts, having handled more than 1,000 Arizona cases. You can check on the status of your case by logging into our exclusive online case management system.