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Busniess Mediation


Providing Everything You Need

Business Conference

Neutral Evaluation

Arizona businesses can utilize Neutral Evaluation, a dispute resolution approach that allows parties or their counsel to present the facts of their case directly to an impartial third party. The unbiased and independent evaluator will review both sides’ evidence before making a non-binding decision, giving Arizona businesses peace of mind during complex legal disputes.

Business Workplace

At WB Mediation and Consulting Services, we believe in empowering Arizona businesses to reach efficient solutions by providing them with the tools for effective dialogue. Our mediation services feature a specialized neutral third party that offers guidance on your journey towards reaching your voluntary agreement – one crafted solely around finding success within the mutual understanding of workplace issues.



For Arizona businesses, WB Mediation and Consulting services can make resolving contract disputes fast, and affordable using arbitration. Quicker than litigation but no less reliable, we offer an unbiased third party that will decide the outcome of any agreement without needing to go to court.

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