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Family Dispute Resoulations

At WB Mediation and Consulting Services, we specialize in Family Dispute Resolutions, helping families reach a mutually beneficial agreement regarding challenging conflicts or disputes. With expert guidance from our experienced consultants, you can ensure that satisfactory resolutions are achieved with minimal disruption to family relationships.


Divorce Mediation 

WB Mediation and Consulting Services specializes in providing professional dispute resolution services to help families facing difficult transitions. Our team of experts offers divorce mediation: a private, confidential process designed to assist couples with separation agreements that benefit both parties involved. We know how important it is for all family members during these trying times; our goal is smooth negotiations so everyone can move forward feeling confident of their best interests being served.


Busniess Mediation


At WB Mediation and Consulting Services, we offer Business Mediation services to help resolve employee disputes. Our experts are highly knowledgeable in conflict resolution strategies that can save your business from costly lawsuits or Equal Employment Opportunity claims. With our professional guidance, you will benefit from an amicable solution for all parties involved!

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