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Clients consistently rate WB Mediation and Consulting Services highly when it comes to resolving their family, child custody divorce, and business disputes. Our professionally competent experts provide a comprehensive approach in helping our clients attain lasting solutions tailored for each unique situation. Browse through the glowing testimonials of previous customers who have benefited from our services today!

Walt Blackman, President and CEO

"When time was of the essence, WB Mediation stepped up to successfully resolve a complex family dispute. Their attorney Walt Blackman provided swift and precise legal work due to his expertise in mediation cases coupled with an unparalleled commitment from their staff that exceed expectations - all while providing cost-effective solutions for the client. Without doubt, it is highly recommended you contact this firm if ever faced with similar disputes."
EmiliaYoung, Meas AZ 
"WB Mediation is an exceptional first choice when it comes to resolving and meditating family disagreements. As a professional in the field with firsthand experience, I have seen nothing but top-tier results from their services that can provide real solutions for those going through difficult times."
Benjamin Hudson, Phoinex Az 
" WB mediation and Consulting Services is a highly competent network of respected divorce, family, and business mediators offering expert coaching to help guide clients through the dispute process. Mr. Blackman was just right for me; his compassionate support kept me informed every step of the way in my journey towards an amicable resolution with regard to my year-long issue. With WB Mediation's experienced team at your disposal you are guaranteed professional service while navigating difficult times like these with confidence and ease." 
Agostina Bertelli, Gilbert AZ

"Working with the team at WB Mediation was an absolute pleasure. From start to finish, they were professional, efficient and personable. My dissolution went smoothly and I am extremely satisfied with the results. I highly recommend their services."

Noah Brown, Flagstaff  AZ 

"As a divorcee, going through mediation can be an incredibly stressful and overwhelming experience. During such times of distress, the expertise and patience provided by Walt Blackman at WB Mediation & Consulting Services was invaluable in navigating my case to a successful outcome. His calming demeanor made me feel welcome as he granted us all the time needed for finding satisfactory resolutions it both parties' satisfaction. I'm confident that his knowledge played no small part in securing our legal victory- something which would not have been possible without him."
Isabella Grayson, Tucson AZ 
" W B Mediation's child custody mediator, Walt Blackman provided expert guidance to our family in the midst of an emotionally draining dispute. His professionalism and calming presence allowed us find a resolution that we were all satisfied with. We are extremely grateful for his services and highly recommend him; however, we hope not to have need of them again anytime soon." 
Ezra Garcia, Lake Havasu AZ 
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